My name is Andrew Young.

I first established Key Pool Equipment in 1998 to manufacture Electrical Control Systems and Specialized Plumbing Equipment for Pools and Spas. 

Over the last 33 years, I have gained a vast amount of experience in the Pool and Spa industry.

I have made many contacts and can help you find the expert you need to repair your particular brand and model of Pool or Spa.  

I am a fully licensed Electrical Contractor and specialize in Control Systems and Automation.


I can provide Design Oversight, Technical Assistance, Skilled Labour, Plumbing Materials, 

Fittings, Ozone Systems, Control Systems / Automation and Filtration Equipment.


I carefully select each piece of equipment I use. I source parts from all major manufacturers.

I select each product based on the quality of it's Manufacture, Warranty and Serviceability not price or brand.

I want to ensure that it will provide many years of service.


Yours sincerely